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An introduction to the Structure of Reality theory 7th March 2014

Here is my current introduction to the Theory (last updated 16th January 2015):

Based on the evidence of measurements, calculations and on what we as humans experience, the spatial universe extends indefinitely away from us in all directions. It can be projected by observation a very long way, in billions of light years, until it's too far away, seemingly way beyond our ability to observe. But the physical structure of space here all around us and it is clearly three dimensional, with time giving it continued existence forming a fourth dimension. With time added the three dimensional physical structure of space has continued existence. It is a space-time continuum. The spatial environment in its pure form can be thought of as an infinite emptiness. The time space contimuum need not include matter. But matter does exist. It exists inside the spatial emptiness, inside the space-time continuum. It forms another dimension, a fifth dimension. Matter is interactive and presents a causal sequence of events. Forces are another element in the equation, creating the interaction, but forces emanate from matter itself and can be considered functions of matter. Space provides the room for matter to exist in and matter creates an evolution of events. This is the very core of the reality formula. But there is even more to it as a deeper examination reveals.

In one sense matter can be thought of as tangible substance having mass and some degree of solidity or relative impenetrability. Forces emanating from matter objects create interaction between matter parts. The base modules of matter we are familiar with is the atomic structure. Atoms are the building blocks of the tangible reality of experience. The atom itself is a composite structure with 'shell' electrons and the nucleus interacting rapidly. At the heart of the atom,the parts of the nucleus are composite also by so called quarks and whatever else. The search goes on and there are already many new parts being discovered, some particles, once separated from their regular interaction quicly unwind and seemingly disappear. Unwind into what? Into its much smaller components. With all this downscale discovery it would not be unreasonable to wonder how deep downscale the particle deconstruction continues.

The host environment of space being an infinite emptiness offers no resistance to further deconstruction into smaller parts to any degree of minisculity, While there may be nothing preventing an infinite deconstruction, it still remains to be found just how many steps downscale matter keeps deconstructing. Currently there are a number different ideas relating to this subject, one being that a base level ultimate particle or particles are at the bottom of the hierachy with no other matter of smaller dimensions. This would entail some kind of elementary particle or particles which cannot be subject to further deconstruction and some kind of ultimate solidity preventing further division. While a number of scale levels of deconstruction into smaller parts are already proved, nothing whatsoever suggests an ending to this process. The idea of a base particle is only a fancy created by our thinking conditioned by experience to finite objects and situations. In fact an ending to deconstruction is problematic since that requires explanation and it regresses to an infinity of further explanations to justify each step. On the other hand continuance into further and further reduction with no end to it requires no further explanation, only a continuance of what is already found on several levels downscale. Still the mind is uneasy on this point as infinity is difficult to accept havcing been conditioned by finite factors. This confusion can however be overcome.

Before dealing with the confusion about infinity it may be better to consider other theories for a finite solution. These tend to offer some complex dimension explicable only by mathematics, like space curving in on itself giving the appearance of infinity only. Others look to strings or other things or dimensions and indeed some of these sound very exciting and powerful in inspiring the human imagination. Modern art and culture has been greatly influenced by them . But so have many mystical and fantasy ideas and ghostly tales. As the facts stand at present none of these theories have yet succeed in solving the physics problem in its entirety. In the absence of a complete solution this problem is easily ignored and put aside so long as the two separate theories work well enough on their respective level. But surely something must be missing. Abstract mathematically based attempts to explain physical phenomena can easily be misapplied and it is difficult to spot incorrect attribution to physical elements. The two main theories of Quantum and Relativity cannot be completely reconciled and it remains a mystery how Relativity can explain the behaviour of larger scale phenomena but cannot operate well enough on the quantum level, and how quantum physics fails to explain the large scale world where relativity is so useful. The search for a bridging idea to bring the two theories together has not yielded success for near a century, but not for a lack of trying.

Returning to the conceptual problem with infinity, it can be resolved with some simple but convincing examples. Infinity it is not incompatible with the intuitive logic of our rational thinking. To say, for instance that the universe is infinitely extended, or that matter deconstructs to infinity seems at first impression very foreign to understanding since events of everyday experience usually have finite attributes. Unresolved phenomena leaves a confusion and dissatisfaction in the human mind. In recognising that a three dimensional Cartesian geometry perfectly represents the spatial environment and guarantees an infinite extension. There are other clues like the emptiness of space being perfectly continuous from one region to the next , then it must continue on infinitely extending from one region to another and another and yet another. What could possibly negate this process? Every region defined has a neighbouring region alongside it in a further away directon and that sequence can also generate the infinite extension. There is no need to understand specific details of every region extended into, but only to undersrtand the principles. In this sense the idea of infinity is not counter intuitive and can be integrated into natural reasoning. The mental plugin is complete in order to deal with infinite outcomes.

As with the previous example of infinite extension, no specific knowledge of regions extended into is required. The idea of an infinite deconstruction of matter likewise requires no knowledge of any or every specific structure type deconstructed into in the infinite chain of reduction to smaller and smaller interactive parts. Of course, that would mean there is no ultimate finite foundation to matter. Yet every structure type deconstructed into, has its roots in a further infinity of deconstructions. In this way matter is certainly not without foundations.

With the idea of an infinite deconstruction into smaller and smaller elements, another very important question arises. The deconstruction downscale is one way of looking at it, but taken from the other direction from the small scale upward, the process of structure building eventually reaches the atoms and then it seem to terminate with our discerned world of matter. But why? After an infinity of steps why terminate just there? There is no valid explanation, there are no clues. Any attempt would require further and further explanations in a untenable unending regress. Why stop here? Perhaps it doesn't. Is it possible to show a continuation of the process into the large scales of astronomy and the universe at large? In fact there are large scale structures commonly found like stars and their solar systems, and on a larger scale galaxies and their larger formations. This evidence may indicate a possible continuance, but how can the large scale structures be seen as part of the same system? How can the micro world of extremely rapid dynamics be compared to what happens on larger scales and beyond in a world with very slow interaction between parts and there seems no possibility to creating regions of exclusion as with the rapid interactive dynamics of atoms.

There is a way to compare them, but there ere are crucial time factors to reconsider. These time factors have never yet been subject of discussion. This is a breakthrough in itself and it opens the way to a new understanding of time. The infinity of spatial extension allows for the existence of any larger size structure whatsoever to infiniy. Adding that the time continues infinitely into the future the structures of the macro world of astronomy can be seen to evolve as rapidly as atoms with a simple modification of the time concept. It is not actually changing it but broadening of its range to include other ways of considering it.

As the mind thinks way upscale where the huge structures that exist at that scale level are a product of interaction of smaller scale structures. All the interaction at this level would look very slow by our way of seeing it, almost at a standstill. Tne timev factor needs further clarification. For us to perceive our world of matter a moment of discernment can be defined as a fraction of a second. The moments are tagged together to form a continuous stream. While we define a moment as a fraction of a second, on the large scale this could never be significant. When a moment is redefined to considerably longer intervals, like millions or trillions of years or more, and they are tagged together as rapidly as we do our moments, the huge megastructures of astronomy would gain dynamics and could then be seen to be evolving as rapidly as our world of atoms. This way of seeing it can then lead to understanding of the possibility of worlds of matter on very large scales. The long intervals turn into a rapid sequence of moments and the mega structures evolve rapidly in a causal evolution of events. It would result in a set of physical laws as observable at those levels, but it is all one physics appearing differently at different scale levels.

Now it becomes clearer how this process of matter creation can exist ranging from the infinity of micro scales through to the infinity of large scales and presentiong an unending variation both horizontally and vertically. Horizontally as a causal sequence of material events just like our environment based on the atoms. Our world of matter is somewhere within the infinity of transformations. There cannot be an absolute position defined.

The spatial environment is infinite in extent in all directions and therefore cannot have a centre position. This itself can lead to confusion. Something not having a centre, nor the possibility of it ? Think of the 3d Cartesian geometry and there is your guarantee that this is the case. The other examples mentioned also confirms the case. There should be no confusion, the way reality is should be our guide, not the way we would like it to be.

The system is infinite but the causal chain of the matter structuring process is on way. Causal chains are by definition one directional. The events of our world of matter are causal in time, but the causal process behind structuring is simultaneous and it is one way from micro to macro. It all happens simultaneously up and downscale and it can be viewed as another dimension of reality. The matter process of structuring is the fifth dimension added to the space-time continuum.

To comprehend this reality a little better, in a thought experiment, imagine levels of magnitude upscale at which huge interacting structure types create another matter style environment where the evolution of material events and even life forms and intelligence can exist. It could be thousands of levels upscale or much more or less. With the redefined moments to sequences of very long periods, the interaction between huge parts can be considered to be as rapid and dynamic as our micro matter environment relating to us. From this base a mega world of matter style events could exist. Here material style events can occur and life forms could evolve leading to conscious intelligence. Then these huge conscious beings would perceive their environment not entirely differently to the way we see ours. Their perception mechanisms and instruments would function based on the dynamics of the large scale micro matter that creates their world. In the downscale reduction it is the reverse argument to the upscale, with tiny structures evolving very rapidly and any perceiving creatures that may exist in these downscale materialities would be in a world evolving extremely rapidly, far too rapidly and in far too small in proportions for us to discern, perhaps ever.

The infinite transformations of the matter process produces infinite layers of different structure types, each spread throughout the entire universe, the same universe but at different scales and different dynamics. Atoms for instance could be said to be spread throughout the unverse, as they are. On a larger scale levels it could be said that solar systems are spread throughout the universe, as they are, and then galaxies etc... and the applies same at each level downscale with an infinity of levels and layers upscale and down. .

So far the discussion has been about size differences, but there is the question of dynamics. There is an important dynamic process that drives the entire system. It is cyclicality, but not in the sense of orbital cyclicality only. For instance, a back and forth pulsation can be considered cyclical as can many other configurations. On micro scales electrons cycle very rapidly about (not necessarily around) the nucleus. The cyclical movement is rapidl enough to set up a sphere of relative solidity or impenertability. In turn at the next level downscale the atomic nuclear parts are also composite also, created by even smaller interacting parts and they in turn are also composite with cyclical paths considerably shorter at each step downscale. The paths shorten but the speeds at which these shorter paths are traversed are not significantly reduced creating higher cyclical frequencies at each step of reduction downscale. With upscale structuring into the world of astronomy the cyclical pahs are considerably longer at each level upscale but 'c' is the maximum speed at which they can be traversed, so lower cyclical frequencies are inevitable with each upscale transformation. With an infinity of structure layers representing unique and different types of formations both upscale and downscale there can be no limit to variation. Every step upscale or down reveals different configuration types spread throughout the universe.

In summary, the interaction of structures both upscale and down is facilitated by various types of forces. But in fact forces emanate from matter itself and are functions of matter. The dynamics behind the system is is cyclicality. Downscale cyclical frequencies increase, upscale cyclical frequencies decrease. Toward the micro, at present we are looking at several levels deep. Beyond that the minute structure types involved are too small and frequencies too rapid to discern as matter having substance, appearing as energy only. But the zero mass solution is only relative. There is a mass, there is always mass however small. On larger scales at our level of matter discernment we can observe energy stored and transferred from matter to matter. On micro scales energy that may appear without an obvious matter host would have its matter base at micro levels below our discernment capabilities, at least for now. In the ultimate terms of the overall reality, our perceived world of substance happens to be positioned somewhere along an infinite chain of upward structuring ranging from infinitely small to the infinitely large. The Structure of Reality theory is unique as it presents a totally self contained universe, a complete and comprehensive model of reality which nearly everyone can understand, and with nothing required to be brought in from outside its own parameters. It explains what reailty is and how it works. It is the foundation concept from which the detailed physics can be generated. It is also the ultimate human understanding of how we fit in and what we are to the overall reality at large.


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Added Notes 29 December 2014

Intelligent beings are the 'eyes and ears' of reality, as reality has no mind of its own with infinity of all its aspects. But it can generate perceiving intelligent individual minds who can comprehend its nature. Intelligent life in the universe is no doubt a very rare thing, but nevertheless there are bound to be an infinity of variations within that rarity. That is the nature of infinity. Every sequence is infinite however rarely they occur.

There is in the infinite spatial environment an infinity of interactive matter driven by causation in a deterministic manner, at least until such time as self aware intellect appears with an ability to make choices and influence deterministic causation outcomes. The intelligent self aware mind can then discover and comprehend reality. In our environmenmt everything material is made from different combinations of atoms. Our bodies and perception mechanisms are made from them. The way we perceive our world in time depends on the dynamics at which our atom based preceptive mechanisms work.


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