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Before proceeding to the main theory, please read the introduction to it here below:


A new introduction to the main Theory 7th March 2014

Here is my current and simplest introduction to The Structure of Reality theory:

Based on the evidence of measurements, calculations and on what we as humans experience, it looks as though the spatial universe extends indefinitely outward in all directions in four dimensions, three of space and one of time. Time gives the three dimensional structure the reality of contimued existence. The spatial environment can be viewed as a pure infinite emptiness. Matter exists inside space and adds the fifth dimension. Forces emanate from matter itself and can be considered functions of matter. Space provides the room for matter to exist in and matter creates events. This is the very core of the reality formula.

In one sense matter can be thought of as tangible substance having mass and some degree of solidity or relative impenetrability. Forces emanating from matter objects create interaction between matter parts. The matter we are familiar is the atom. It forms the building blocks of the tangible reality we are familiar with. We can go another level downscale to the atom's nucleus which is now known to be a composite structure. There are already many new parts being discovered further downscale and it would not be unreasonable to wonder how far this particle deconstruction continues. As for the host environment of space, it is just emptiness with nothing to prevent further deconstruction into smaller parts to infinity, or to any degree of minisculity whatsoever.

The other option is a finite framework seeking an ultimate 'God particle' somewhere downscale. This would entail some kind of elementary particle or particles which cannot be subject to further deconstruction. It would it require some undividable material some kind of ultimate solidity. How can that be explained? Then there are theories offering all kinds of extra dimensions. Indeed some of these are very exciting, powerful and modern concepts that can stir the imagination. Modern art and culture has been greatly influenced by them . But as the facts stand none of these have yet succeed in solving the physics problem in its entirety. Something must be missing.

Extra dimensional solutions leave confusion in the intuitive mind. It is argued that it need not be conceptually understood as long as the mathematics can outline it. But then, mathematics can define non real objects too so where is the line to be drawn? Infinity is also a problem for the intuitive thinker, but this can be fixed by a mental input. It is natural that intuitive reasoning feels confused with infinity outcomes since in experience of life and the world of matter everything is limited to beginnings and ends. But rational thinking can overcome this confusion by a logical input to extend the intuitive understanding. There is nothing counter intuitive in recognising that a three dimensionally structured space extends infinitely outward without ever reaching end. Three dimensional Cartesian geometry perfectly fits the spatial environment and it is not counter intuitive. The logical outcome of it is infinite extension. To understand the infinity of extension, no specific knowledge of each or any regions of the extension is needed. The mental plugin is complete.

An infinite deconstruction concept likewise requires no knowledge of every specific structure deconstructed into in an infinite chain of reduction. It is then a process of deconstruction into the interaction of smaller and smaller parts with no end, continuing downscale to infinity. That would mean there is no ultimate and finite foundation to matter. Yet every structure, wherever in the infinite system has at its roots a further infinity of deconstructions. Matter is certainly not without foundation.

The downscale may be assured, but that is not all there is to it. Matter deconstructs infinitely downscale, but our discernible world of matter is not positioned at the top of this hierachy. It continues on upscale into the world of astronomy, from solar systems to galaxies, their clusters and whatever else upscale in an infinity of transformations to larger and larger interactive structures. While it is a two way infinity both upscale and down, the causal chain leads from micro to macro but not through the passage of time as causality is conventionally understood. It all happens simultaneously and it forms the fifth dimension of reality. Our world of matter is located somewhere along this infinity of transformations.

The question to address now is how the micro world of extremely rapid dynamics can be compared to what happens on the large scales of astronomy and beyond. The structures of micro scales develop very rapidly have very tiny proportions while the large scales are so different with very slow interaction creating no regions of exclusion as with atoms and their parts . To understand how these very large scale structures can make similar sense as micro phenomena there are crucial time factors to consider. These time factors have never yet been a subject of discussion. This is a breakthrough in itself. It opens a new understanding of time.

With an infinity of spatial extension, an infinite emptiness, any larger size structure whatsoever to infinity can occur. Adding time continuing infinitely into the future the structures of the macro world of astronomy can then be seen to evolve rapidly . As the mind thinks way upscale where structures would be truly gigantic and interacting at an incredibly slow rate by our way of seeing it, the time factor can be adjusted as follows. For us to perceive our world of matter a moment of discernment can be defined as a fraction of a second. The moments are tagged together to form a continuous stream. We define a moment as a fraction of a second, but on the large scale this could never be significant. When a moment is redefined to considerably longer intervals, like millions or trillions of years or more, and they are tagged together as rapidly as we do our moments, the huge megastructures could be seen to be evolving as rapidly as our world of atoms which can create worlds of matter on very large scales. The long intervals turn into a rapid sequence of moments which reveal a world of matter on larger scales. It would have a causal evolution of events and a set of physical laws as observable at those levels. It is all one physics appearing differently at different scale levels. In a thought experiment imagine levels of magnitude upscale at which huge interacting structure types create another matter style environment with the evolution of material events and even life forms and intelligence. With the redefined moments to very long periods, the interaction can be considered to be as rapid and dynamic as our environment.

The dynamics behind the upscale structuring process is cyclicality, as it is in the downscale. On micro scales electrons cycle very rapidly about the nucleus. Rapidly enough to set up a sphere of relative impenertability. In turn the atomic nucleus is composite created by even smaller parts interacting and they are also composite with cyclical paths considerably shorter at each step downscale, but the speed at which they are traversed are not reduced, creating higher frequencies at each reduction. With upscale the structuring to the world of astronomy the cycles have considerably longer paths with each step upscale and with 'c' as the maximum speed at which they can be traversed lower frequencies are inevitable with each upscale transformation. With an infinity of structure layers representing unique and different types of formations both upscale and downscale there can be no limit to variation. Every step upscale or down reveals different configurations. Among same types there are also differences. No two things can be perfectly alike. Even if appearing to be, somewhere downscale there will occur differences.

These infinite transformations produce infinite layers of different structure types that spread throughout the universe. Then it would not be unreasonable to expect that other material style worlds exist, some with the possibility of life and even intelligence. On large scales for instance, in such a world based on mega matter as the micro environment of another matter style world, the huge intelligent beings that may evolve would perceive their world not entirely differently to how we see ours. Their perception mechanisms and instruments would function based on the dynamics of the large scale micro matter that creates it. In the downscale reduction it is the reverse argument to the upscale, with tiny structures evolving very rapidly and any perceiving creatures that may exist in these downscale materialities would be in a world evolving extremely rapidly, far too rapidly and in far too small in proportions for us to discern, perhaps ever.

In summary the interaction of structures both upscale and down is facilitated by various types of forces. But in fact forces emanate from matter itself and are functions of matter. The dynamics behind the system is is cyclicality. Downscale frequencies increase, upscale frequencies decrease. Toward the micro, at present we are looking at several levels deep. Beyond that the minute structure types involved are too small and frequencies too rapid to discern as matter having substance, appearing as energy only. But the zero mass solution is only relative. There is a mass, there is always a mass however small. On larger scales at our level of matter discernment we can observe energy stored and transferred from matter to matter. On micro scales energy that may appear without an obvious matter host would have its matter base at micro levels below our discernment capabilities. At least for now. In the ultimate terms of the overall reality, our perceived world of substance happens to be positioned somewhere along an infinite chain of upward structuring ranging from infinitely small to the infinitely large. The Structure of Reality theory is unique as it presents a totally self contained universe, a complete and comprehensive model of reality which nearly everyone can understand, and with nothing required to be brought in from outside its own parameters. It explains what reailty is and how it works. What more could we want. It is the ultimate human understanding of how we fit in and what we are to the overall reality at large.

Sorry...out of time. Hope refine further



Latest Notes for the Structure of Reality and Many Other Matters - LATEST ARTICLES OR COMMENTS ON TOP

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Periphelion Precession of Planetary Orbits - 01 October 2014

Structure of Reality

The precession of Mercury is thought to be another confirmation of Einstein's Relativity, however I wonder if it is possible to construct reasons which satisfies the intuitive logic by adding the influence of the Sun's orbital movement around the Galaxy centre? During every orbit of Mercury the Sun is in the process of moving in it's orbit around the Galaxy. Does this, together with the effect of the planets, which are also affected by the Sun's movement, define the precession of Mercury's periphelion without the need for Relativity?

Perhaps this is already dealt with, but my limited time affords only a short research which has not convinced me that all these factors have been included. Only the planetary movements without the effect of the Sun's movement on all the planets seems to have been considered. Also all the planets experience some form of periphelion precession, and the further out the planet and the shape of its orbit should also figure in the outcome.


The Red Shift Distance Effect on Light- 20 August 2014

I may have to withdraw all my previous comments about the redshift with distance effect on light as I am now proposing another possibility. Let's imagine a 3D matrix or grid with particles or a number of interactive particles at each position in the grid. As photons arrive from any particular direction the grid/matrix particles are pushed along and nudge the particles in the next position, which then nudge the following and so on...The transfer reactions must be rapid as it needs to be to accomodate oncoming energy from different directions. This is necessary to avoid interference. There are two possibilities within this concept. One is a mere nudging of the following position and the particle returns to its origonal position. The other possibility is the displacement of the following position and the particle formerly there displaces the next particle and so on...So the enery is transmitted from cell to cell in the matrix but occasionally there will be mishaps where an oncoming particle is not able to make the transfer as the intended particle is out of its place. There may be a rythm to it or just random occasions. This is a wastage which over longer distances averages out and could have a role in the redshift distance effect.

Another version can be a complex particle which absorbs the oncoming photon and somehow it is slung around and expelled on the far side in the same direction. Or merely another photon particle is expelled on the other side as a photon is absorbed. Thre could be other versions but these concepts show the possibility of light (emr generally) particles crossing across each other without interference.

Whether one version or another, the bottom line is I don't think the redshift-distance phenomenon can be a real Doppler effect since in an infinitely extended space there can be no space expansion. A percentile shift per distance would create a Doppler like effect. Exactly how this may be achieved needs further clarification, but clearly a wastage based on averages over distance could explain this.

The Invisible Micro Infrastructure - 01 August 2014, updated 20 August 2014

Light (emr generally) has been shown to have qualities of particles as well as of waves. I believe there are ways to explain this duality in terms of the Structure of Reality theory. For instance the invisible micro infrastructure upon which our world of matter depends could be thought of as an ocean of micro particles of lower scale levels interwoven by interaction. It would need to be much more rigid than water but nevertheless an ocean spread throughout the entire infinite universe. There may be other explanations but a simplified concept like this can demonstrate its probability.

As one examle take a 3D matrix like ocean. When energy is released from a source a wave is created in the ocean by energy transfer from part to part, There can be different variations like after the transfer is completed the transferring particle returns to its original position in the matrix. Or alternatively a current like flow with infrastructure particles displacing each other by pushing the next particle forward one position and the pushed forward particle pushes the next one forward into the next position and so on.. In this way light coming from different directions could cross accross each other without interference if these transfers vere relatively very rapid. The second example is favoured by this as particles would not have the round trip of returning to the origin and could complete the transaction very rapidly and receive energy from other directions.

To cover the entire infinite universe the 3Dmatrix ocean would need to be very tightly knit with little or no room for additional particles. With equal charge member pars of the matrix would repel each other and create a tension throughout the entire infinite universe. Inevitably from time to time some particles for various reasons could unwind to their component parts and fall back to their lower scale level matter layers. In such cases the looseness created would need to be filled by a newly created particle. That suggests the next scale levels below the matrix have an interactive capacity to create new matrix particles as soon as enough looseness occurs.

If then we consider the matrix to be made from photons or photons are contained in a more complex matrix particle then photons at rest have no visibility or discerning qualities other than the 'universal background radiation' which emanates from them.

This is a huge topic and I will keep expanding it later.


The Clarity of Common Relationships- 29 July 2014

How is it today? There is a lot of uncertainty about what is past the frontiers of our knowledge. Most people have a narrow knowledge base of science and they get uncertainity very early. Past that point a thick mental fog occurs with no possibility of resolving anything so related issues are simply discarded. The more 'in the know' people reach this stage later but the uncertainty and 'fog' sets in nevertheless. This is how it is today. In the meantime I stumbled upon an idea which offers full and complete clarity with a framework with no 'fog'. Of course we cannot know every specific detail of infinite variation, but to understand how it works and how it is all generated is enough to resolve every point.

I have in the past thought about how other civilisations may develop from primitive roots to modernity. I found that there would have to be much in common to our historical evolution from tribal to a technologically modern society. Despotic rule, dictatorships, kingship, oligarchy, communism and democracy all make sense in every possible materiality upscale or down or on our own level of understanding throughout the infinite uiniverse. It matters not what kind of matter composes the mind, we're all intelligent conscious self aware individual beings. Seeing and interpreting the world from inside our consciousness.

In the innumerable variations the evolution to modernity will be greatly varied in its exact development, but they will contain mostly the same elements. For intance, each will achieve a system of education , a science based on observation, a scientific and industrial revolution, a technological leap ahead and political developments to match the progress.


The Absolute and Finite State of Things- 21 July 2014

When considering the structuring process of matter there can be no rest position in the absolute sense. Each object is in transit by movement in one direction or another. For instance, every object on Earth is hurtling through space at over 100,000 km/h orbiting the Sun, at the same time revolving every 24 hours. There is nothing at rest. The entire solar system is hurtling around the galactic centre at over 800,000 km/h and there are other movements with higher scale structures. With the infinite structuring process there is an infinity of movements and countermovements in every which direction. The larger the scope of consideration the more evenly distributed are movements and countermovements. As scope is further increased there comes a stage at which movements and counter movements even out so that in the overall sense all objects are at an ultimate rest, well not quite. There are in an infinity of movements that cancel each other out so all objects are inb apparent rest position. Ultimate rest in the overall sense, but a limited finite framework will give a definite directional movement.


The Centre of Galaxies - 17 July 2014

I has been said that most galaxies contain massive black holes at their centre.Galaxies generally do have a dark area at the centre but this is more likely to be a relative void caused by the surrounding revolving stars attracting all matter that may happen along the central zone. At or near the centre of this void there should be a balance of gravitational forces where equal attraction from all directions create a neutral zone forming a path across the central area through which objects can travel without being pulled into the neaby stars. The so called wormhole passage is the neutral zone fanning out in a cone shape through which an approach can be made to pass through the centre and out the other side of the rotating spiral................... out of time..........to be continued soon...

Philosophy or Science ?- 12 July 2014

The idea of the structuring process has strong and varied philosophical implications. But it also offers a foundation framework from which science can develop into the future.

Momentum and Rest- 23 June 2014

When an object is said to be at rest, it is a relative term. We know the Earth is moving around the Sun and our entire solar system is moving around the centre of our galaxy. The galaxy is also moving and so on....In fact any object large or small is involved in a multiple of movements, an infinity of them. There can be no absolute definition of rest. Any definition of rest is always relative and movement is also relative for the very same reason.


Unbounded Reality- 22 June 2014

Reality is unbounded in all its aspects. Infinity is involved in everything. Take volumes of space for instance. A volume can be very small or extremely large to infinity in both directions. Time intervals can be short or long to infinity again in both directions. There is an infinity of matter on infinite scale levels of consideration distributed throughout the infinIte universe.

Within this infinity it is possible to take relative objects to make further aspects of reality, The passage of time for instance, can only be defined through regular movements in the physics of matter at any particular scale level of consideration. In my Theory of Time I demonstrate this by a mental concept of a matter style environment upscale on very large scales where the passage of time is defined by much longer interval sequences than by our view. Since there is infinity of extension, a definition af any small region whatsoever and any large region whatsoever is possible

There is also absolute continuity as with space as well as time. Intervals can be infinitely short yet still afford an infinity of shorter intervals. Regions can be infinitely small or infinitely vast. Whatever the scale of consideration the emptiness is exactly the same. Pure space is not interactive either with itsaelf or anything else. It is just a pure absolute emptiness. Inside this emptiness of the spatial environment exists an infinity of matter distributed throughout the infinite region. Matter occupies every part of the infinite spatial environment, so the underlaying absolute emtiness cannot actually be found.


E==Mc2 Deconstruction- 9th June 2014

Firstly to confirm my view that there can be no massless particle as photons are thought to be. Clearly a zero in the equartion will zero the entire thing, therefore M must have a value however small. If there is mass, there is matter. To me it also means that the value given to photons treavelling at 'c' is not correct, but rather at 'c minus a little difference' the difference being so small as to make it "as good as 'c' " for the sake of a particular calculation. Could omitting consideration of this is be the flaw in Einsteins formula?

From the above it is clear that energy therefore is always associated with matter. But how does a value for mass come about ? To deconstruct the values that represent mass associated with a particle, the very small parts that make it up are in very rapid cyclical interaction and are moving at speeds close to 'c' (cyclical in the broadest sense) The mass of a created particle from theseinteractions is made up of the mass of its parts multiplied by the areas swept out during an interval short enough to create a region of relative impenetrability.................................. I hope to expand on this later


The Non Luminous Sky- 24th May 2014

If the universe is infinite and there are an infinity of galaxies with their stars spread throughout it should the sky not be illuminated and not dark as it seems to be? It is not a new issue as it has been discussed extensively. Whatever has been said I need to ignore and take a fresh independent logical approach. This would refer to the common observations of light fading with distance. The reason is clear that the same amount of energy that reached closer distance is pread wider so less energy is reaching any particular spot at that radius distance. With further distance there comes a stage when the energy is so thinly distributed (over a very much larger regions) that it becomes hardly visible and with even further distances the energy is spread so thinly that it is no longer visually discernible. Here is one reason for the black sky as we see it. Instruments can further the range quite significantly but are bound to suffer the same fate at even further distances.

Just a note on another aspect: however thinly spread, energy signals the presence of matter (as discussed previously in the Micro Infrastructure article discussing E=Mc2) therefore light and electromagnetic radiation generally are composed of matter particles. And the wave effect suggest some sort of particle ocean involved. If elecromagnetic radiation is a function of the micro infrastructure, which itself is an 'ocean' of particles undiscernible micro particle layers, the wave effect would seem reasonable.

The spreading out of energy with distance may also be responsible for the redshift with distance effect on light. And where would that leave the 'Big Bang' ? I hope to discuss this at more length sometime soon.


Comment on the Theory of Forces - 16th May 2014

E=Mc2, therefore wherever there is energy there must be mass (however small) associated with it. Forces contain energy, therefore forces are associated with matter particles (however small)


The Invisible Micro Infrastructure 14 May 2014

The structuring process described in the main theory Structure of Reality implies an infinity of matter layers at the root of all discernible matter objects. There are even wider implications regarding the void of empty space.

It is said that the empty void of space contains energy. The universal background radiation and ideas about matter and its anti matter popping in and out of the emptiness, or whatever else. It is therefore well established that there is this energy throughout empty space.

Now, let's assume that the great Einstein got it right that E=MC2. Of course that implies that M=E/C2, which proves that wherever there is energy there is matter associated with it. The energy found in the void of space, and elsewhere throughout is the energy generated from the infinity of matter layers representing the roots of all discerible matter and of those particles that cease to build further. And in fact that is the very largest number of particle types. Less than around 10% of particles succeed in building further, but at the very large scale the interaction of structures create a new system of solidity filling much larger spaces than the members that comprise it. This is then repeated similarly uipscale to infinity.

As a conclusion it becomes clear that energy is always associated with matter objects having a mass value (however small). The second finding that many structure types fail to build further thereby creating a relative emptiness which gives the appearance of only energy inside the void.

This is a very big topic since the micro infrastructure limits and strongly influences our discernible objects of matter. Whether Einstein's Relativity can be reconfigured to somehow represent this kind of situation is not for me but for mathematicians to evaluate.

I will continue this when time and occasion permits.


Fractal Relations? 09 May 2014

Those images of fractal coastlines resolving with magnification into further more refined coastlines and so on indefinitely..I sense a relationship with the 'verical' structuring process (described in the full Theory as well as in the short Introduction to the Theory) in that it keeps resolving to smaller and smaller, more and more microscopic levels with further micro coastlines appearing.


Infinity and Matter 08 May 2014

I am here in the material reality, right now when I am writing this. You are here in the material reality, when you are reading this. Reality is infinite in all its aspects in the overall scope, as it should be to make possible the maximum opportunities of variation. What actually is there? A three dimensionally structured emptiness extending infinitely everywhere, in ever direction. Inside this infinitely vast emtiness any size region, however tiny to infinity or however large the very same quality of emptiness is present. The infininte spatial environment of perfect emptiness continues to exist in an infinite present. In this sense time cannot be seen to pass as there is nothing else to relate it to. The infinite three dimensionally structured space exists in a continuous present.

The spatial room is the host environment, but that is not all there is. There is something inside space, a fifth dimension called matter with its infinite structuring process ranging from the micro and building toward the infinitely vast regions of the macro. That is what I refer to as the 'vertical' process of matter while the 'horizontal' process is the causal evolution of matter that we discern and experience. Both are two way infinite processes but with a one directional development. The structuring process has its roots in the infinity of smallness and building upward toward the macro regions of astronomical space. It also has a one way causal process originating in the infinite past vand working toward an infinite future.

The spatial room gives matter its existence but there is no completely empty space. Matter is everywhere inside the spatial environment with an infinity of layers of micro matter . It is somewhat like a sea of micro matter filling every part of the vast infinite space. With an ocean of matter layers filling the space there are limitation like the speed of objects. Figuring out just how this micro matter ocean affects our environment is the next step in the enquiry.




Lucky lottery 01 July 2013

We are privilledged beings to be able to think about reality. We are even more priviledged to be able to understand it.

Note on 01 July 2013

Everything is hurtling through space at the maximum speed nearest to 'c', On top of this is another dimension with relative ......................................tbc

Note on crime and punishment-- 30 June 2013

Did someone like Hitler pay for their crimes? He paid dearly by having to cut life short, but then, his life was not worth much at that stage anyway. Before he went though, he may not have had a chance to realise that while he will be gone humanity will keep existing on indefinitely perhaps infinitely into the future. For the rest of time his name will be mud in the annals of human history. Hitler will be despised and ridiculed . But no trial, humiliation or execution could ever give justice to the enormous carnage and grief he created.

Note on meaning and purpose of life-- 30 June 2013

We are born into a world as living thinking creatures with no meaning other than a causal chain of events to bring it about. In the reality at large there is no meaning to our existence other than a biological purpose of recreation.

It is It is our cultural pursuits that have given meaning to our lives. Social development and interaction have created a meaningful purpose to our human thinking existence. Moral issues are a sub branch of Ethics. We are raised to fit into the existing culture. The culture evolves and changes with time.................


Note on Climate Change -- 30 June 2013

Now that it is being fully recognised that climate change is not only warming, but associated with wild destructive weather. The cost of repairing the damage each year is now seen as an upcoming major expenditure. Obama has seen this and is now committed to doing something to repair or at least limit the damage.

Despite any efforts to limit emissions, the pollution of the atmosphere will still grow in the coming years with the development of third world economies, not to mention China. It will take many decades to turn it around, and much longer times to try to heal it. The main problem at the moment is that we haven't had the worst of the effects yet.


Note on Economics.21June2013

If the US stopped its stimulus program the erosion of the US Dollar is halted. It will also dampen sales and have a slowing effect on transactions and therefore the velocity of money. This will certainly contain inflation but it might have detrimental effects in some sectors. It could set off a recession, a world wide recession. There has to be stimulus for business to hope for any recovery. So were back at the starting point. The method had contradicted itself. Without stimulus there will be recession. Stimulus is necessary to avoid recession. Stimulus activates the economy and increases the velocity of money. This has inflationary tendencies. If inflation cannot be contained it should be allowed to run its course. New anti inflationary measures will need to be devised.

If the western market for chinese goods collapsed China could fall into recession. The government is likely to add substantial stimulus to develop internal markets and infrastructures, but for how long can this continue?. It could strech over years, perhaps decades and many chinese businesses may have to call back resources placed around the world. That could lead to a credit shortage and real estate bubbles could burst when chinese investors cash up their real estate and withdraw from the market.


Notes on the Theory- 21 June 2013

Based on the principles described in the 'Theory of Space Time and Matter' it is possible to comprehensively understand reality. Certainly not in all its details, as ultimately everything is infinite, but rather through understanding the basic principles by which it is all generated. In its simplest form it is a domain of infinite emptiness with matter inside taking up all the room with all its different forms. Any structure type along the infinity of structure types be understood to break down in an infinity of steps to the active functions of smaller and smaller parts. After a number of levels downscale there appears only energy left. At these levels and below specific details are too small and too rapidly developing to be relevant, leaving only a discernible energy value.


Notes History4 - 19 June 2013

Now that I'm on history I have for a long time wanted to discuss Voltaire's criticism of the royal card table. ......it is possible that the royal card games had a function of money transfer which Voltaire failed to take into account.................to be continued............


Notes History3 - 18 June 2013

General dissatisfaction of the mass of population may be a necessary element of a major revolution, but the real players that bring it into being and the circumstances surrounding them may sometimes be surprisingly different.

Hitler and Mussolini both got support from the propertied classes in fear of the rise of communism. With the Soviet Union having repelled all challenges in the decade after the revolution gave support to communist movements in other countries. The propertied class was terrified at the rapid rise of the extreme left and many tended to supporting a very strong opposition to the communists. It certainly addressed the issue, but at a high price they did not expect. It involved a loss of freedom and a state of political terror. An unfair settlement after the war, a collapse of the German economy, the world wide depression all addred to creating dissatisfaction of the masses. Anti semitism was also exploited to gain direct on the ground adherents.Once in power, Hitler went all out to impose his rule and his vision of world domination. Anti semitism in Germany (and throughout much of Europe) added further impetus to Hitler's grab for power.

What created such wide spread anti semitism throughout much of Europe? In towns and villages throughout Germany and indeed most of Eastern Europe, a significant jewish presence existed. Originally they were welcome to settle, even invited, to increase business activity. As a result the commercial life of many regions was dominated by the local Jews. There were many jewish money lenders, and therefore many debts owing to Jews. This created resentment. Jews had been persecuted throughout the ages and developed great skills of survival through clever dealings and business acumen. They had a network of well-to-do connections throughout Europe through which trading and financial interaction could occur and business deals arranged. Jews also attained high status in the nowadays so called 'blue collar' and upper middle class fields. There were artisans and tradesmen, men of letters, musicians, theatrical, and many other fields offering high quality work. They would also support their less fortunate jewish population by giving them work in their workshops, businesses and factories. Those who could would educate their children and send them to attain a higher intellectual status in fields like the law, education, medicine, politics, engineering and many other fields.

On the other hand the majority of the local populations had no such advantages. The average worker in a town or village could not afford to improve their lot and were not encouraged toward higher education. They were dominated by their upper classes who were interested in keeping the status quo. leaving them fragmented and disorganoised, with very few options. Throughout the centuries the Jews had been preserving their cultural values by limiting interaction with the general population. This created the feeling that Jews were foreigners invading and exploiting local opportunities at the cost to the local's well being. So clearly when Hitler got to power and promised to eliminate the jewish influences it was welcome to the majority of the population. Many debts would disappear, higher officers sacked, tradesmen and professionals freed from jewish competition. Historically the upper classes supported jewish presence since higher educated Jews were not a political threat whereas educated lower class locals were.

When communism threatened to engulf Europe the upper and wel-to-do classes support of strong anti communist movements left the Jews unprotected. But few at the time realised that removal of jewish influences ultimately meant eradication by genocide.

More examples come to mind to validate the differences betweel those moved and those doing the moving. . During the English conflicts of the 1640s the puritans represented the extreme left of the dispute with the King's party the extreme right. The King's refusal to settle on the terms offered pushed the many of the upper and middle classes toward more extreme solutions. The challenge came from the upper classes to limit the power of the King in favour of the upper class dominated parliament.. Most had lost trust in the King's intentions and did not want to give the king his former powers under any circumstances, so they demanded a settlement in their favour. When the King refused to compromise the debate shifted to the left with the puritans taking control with more severe demands and a serious proposition was offered to the King to 'make a settlement or else'. When the King refused to cooperate the 'or else' came into effect.This involved a prosecution of the king, setting up a course of events they did not expect. The puritans took power with the need to fight a civil war. They were now in power and ruled England , but soon after puritanism itself became an issue with a lot of lifestyle and cultural restrictions imposed and dissatisfaction growing among the general population, enough to bring back the monarchy in the next generation.

Notes on history2 - 18 June 2013

With the collapse of the 'Iron Curtain" and its following consequences a newer vision emerged in the East.It was somewhat idealistic, but then, there was no idea of the real free market experiences. Western concerns moved in wherever there was an opportunity, if even to close the business down to make way for their own products. Soon the realities began to set in. It was not all that they imaginedwould be. The disappointment triggered a reaction against but eventually it settled down. These were local issues that did not matter in a world where the free market was a well organised system of trading that brought to fore the best opportunities.

The newly independent countries had a lot to catch up both on ideas and on infrastructure. It was as though time warped stuck in the fifties or sixties.There was enough intellect and skill, but a por infrastructure with which to utilise all this talent. There was little chance of competing with sophisticated world market. A major overhaul of all resources was needed, both private and public. Everything required updating. Funding shortages prohibited nations to do much about it, but East Germany was supported through by its Western counterpart. Other nations had to solve their own problems.

Notes on history - 08 June 2013

The Historical events of the present shape the future. Past events have shaped our future.During my study of history I noticed there are hisorical processes from which certain outcomes can be predicted. Political revolutions, for instance, are a product of severe dissatisfaction. Although the French revolution may have involved many influences, but it was was only made possible through a large majotrity dissatisfaction on the ground level.

The English upper class avoided revolution through defusing the dissatisfaction through periodic reforms. The Russian revolution was also a result of severe dissatisfaction. Hitler also appealed to the impoverished masses after the trauma of the first World War. The collapse of communism in the East demonstrated the general dissatisfaction with the way things were in those regions at those times. Mao's China was also made possible through general dissatisfaction and the promise a revolution held.

But in time the Chinese leadership saw the advantages of free market capitalism while comparing it the poor development of the Eastern Bloc and changed the course of China's future. Everyone is now awareof the magnitude of the impact of China in the world market.


Notes about perception - 06 June 2013

In vision we receive colour impressions through the senses. These impressions are given focus through a framework of ideas previously built from past experiences to produce a closely representative view of an object perceived. Additionally the other senses can confirm the view. The shape of an object can be revealed in vision by differentiating shades and can be confirmed by tactile sense impression. The movement of an object can be seen and sometimes confirmed by auditory means.

From an empty slate we learn to control the body, recognise objects, learn the language, be exposed to family life and local culture. Genetically we inherit the unconscious part of the brain that keeps the body going, and body features from previous generations. Physical traits can be inherited but much of pschycology is built on impressions gained from early experiences

Notes about the self - 06 June 2013

We see the world and think about it. It is a process inside our brain. The brain has a program to keep the body alive and active which is mostlly independent of the thinking process. It does not come to awareness unless it interferes with regular processes enough to set off some unpleasant feeling or just a feeling which is different from the usual.

Our awareness of self is a process built upon the basic awareness of present shared with all creatures. The animal instinct of humanity is therefore inextricably coded into our character. Upon this is built another level of awareness, our own way of thinking, self conscious intelligence.

Sophisticated perception mechanisms evolved over billions of years over innumerable generations provides an accurate insight into the physical environment around us. Now we know none of the impressions exist the way we see, hear, or feel them. There are no colours, no sounds, no tastes, nor warm, hot or cold. We recognise that these impressions represent closely corresponding values to the thing perceived.

Our intelligent minds can use the idea of those impressions, colours, sounds etc.. to generate a higher understanding. The impressions of sound creates the possibility of language to comunicate with and to think with in a more systematic manner. Language is a major instrument in intelligent thinking. It is built on a variance of soundi, that we canrecognise and respond to. Our intelligent thinking is significantly based on language.

Finally a very important question, whether there is something we cannot perceive that takes its effect past our ability to perceive, such as another dimension which can only be differentiated with a much larger scope than out direct capacity allows. Mathematically it is possible to suggest such a position and derive all sorts of consequences. But nothing ties it to the ground, to the real matter basedv reality at large. Mathemathical constructs suggesting zero position for small scale fail to provide definitive answers. Come nearly a century the theories havent been fully reconciled Quantum fails to explain the large scale and Relativity cannot reduce to quantum behaviour.

this is becoming such a large topic, I may contimue this another time. .......TBC.............................



Notes about reality - 06 June 2013

My theory of infinite structuring is based on scientific reality. That is the only reality we can prove to any degree of certainty. The frontiers of science are slowly forging forward, though not without the occasional backward step. To obtain a greater vision I argue past what can be directly shown to exist by applying logicall reasoning and extending the implication based on previously obtained findings.

According to the broader picture of physical reality our society may continue to exist indefinitely into the future but our individual existence is limited. Is society itself a living thing because it contains so many living individuals? Only the individuals are living, the society is a function of interaction between the living individuals. Individuals within societies have a limited lifetime. It's in the back of most everyone's mind: 'is it really over' or is there an afterlife?

The theory is allows for alternative interpretations. t could be argued that some God like being created the perfect infinite reality by devising the structuring process to guarantee maximum aand most varied outcome. An infinity of events along each magnitude layer some even yielding life and intelligence. There is an infinity of layers up and down the magnitude scale from whatever level one takes prspective. On some layers among the infinity of layers other matter like worlds are likely to exist, and some with life and intelligence. What a perfect creation?

Our evidence is of the world of matter, where intellect is dependent on a function of a body.The idea of a God on the other hand does not depend on a physical object for existence. Acceptance brings into play a completely different set of rules which require further discussion. Whatever the outcome, the physics of the structuring process remains in tact.

Disputing the existence or not of God could make for a long term debate. The real question is, what does a well meaning God expect of us? The Christian religion tends toward forgiveness repentance and compassion, though having sterner images with while some versions, while other some religions see God as a punisher and even a distributor of vengence . Rules can vary from eye to eye. These are the real disputes the theory need not touch upon. .


Society and extinction - 08 Mayl 2013

Humanity at any time means a collection of individual self conscious intelligent beings. The evidence of human social culture exists in the infrastructure already on the ground and the social organisations inherited from the previous generations. This is the 'hardware' evidence of what is on the ground, buildings, institutions organisations, documents and many other things made of matter and modified by human beings. The software that controls all this it is humaqn intelligence.

Even animals have organisation in their social interactions. On their base level it is driven by mere brutalism. The strongest, fittest will dominate. That is a natural outcome in low level intelligence as brute strength is bound to succeed. With humanity intelligence and cleverness overrides the low level instinct and no longer can brute strength always win the day. Nor the strength of a brutalised modern society, as WW2 well proved that point.

Societies and cultures can go on indefinitely into the future while the individuals that compose them live for a limited time only. In a particular sense the ongoing existence of society also reminds me of the galaxies where a similar cyclical process is occuring. Planets and stars come into being while others have exhausted their fuel and disitegrate. From the disintegrated galactic rubble new planets and stars are formed so that the population of the galaxy remains much the same over time. It is another kind of cyclical process that relates to my theory. The difference is that human as well as animal/insect societies can grow by taking from the natural resources available to them while galaxies have little outside matter to absorb so matter is limited to what is inside the structure already.

All good for our society. Right now in the early 21st century we're on the edge of a pollution crisis. The environment is changing as a result of our neglect, but then, it was only recently that concerns were seriously raised. But now it is too larte to fix many things. It will not be a fast porocess to heal the wounds we inflicted on the Earth environment. We can only hope that our rapidly advancing technology will allow us to adapt and begin the long term cleaning up process.

Society can continue to exist by adapting to new conditions, but it is clear that whatever happens over the long term that each individual consciousness will at one stage become extinct. Forever more extinct never to think and exist again. As contemporary society is a collection of currently living individuals with limited lifespans, should not the needs of the individual be addressed first? Should not healthy longevity be our first concern? Not only would that extend life but then we could deal with social problems with a much better store of human knkowledge. Life extension is a research that can go on forever. No matter how old we can make ourselves there will always be extinction facing us and with it will come with the striving to extend it.

When it's over it's really over - 23 April 2013

We are creatures of nature with evolved intelligence and technology. We are born, live for a while then die just like any other of nature's creatures or even plants. Nature cannot evolve much further than the intelligent being. Further development can come from our works and creations. The human mind and human society contains a rich variety of creative power. But when it comes down to the ultimate question, the question that comes above all, that one day it will all come to an end with our consciousness becoming extinct. As inevitable as it might be, a further eternity of non existence somehow does not appeal.

Keep in mind that the world of people is made up of individual conscious beings experiencing the world through the filter of their perception, individual knowledge and understanding. It can be a shock to finally realise that it will be over forever, the mind never to exist again. Admittedly it is a futile disappointing end but the truth can hurt, and this is the tragedy of life for all beings. As a creative and inventive society what can we do about it? Longevity is the only answer. Why is this not the main concern of society, to extend life and improve health? Much more research and development could be directed toward this goal.

We can dream and imagine an after-life but the only sure way to delay the inevitable is to direct huge resources to solve the problem of longevity. There is already the possibility of extending life in the not too distant future, but how far it can be extended is a question no doubt to attract a long term debate. What it involves is, in the least, keeping the brain function alive and well enough to continue to generate the intelligent consciousness of self. In the long term the ultimate goal of indefinite existence may or may not be achievable, but a much longer lifespan is likely to become a reality.. I don't mean what may be already imminent, say 100 - 120, but more like a few hundred perhaps more.

This topic needs much more discussion but I have not enough time right now to continue........I will add to this later as time permits............Another main subject for later discussion is how to accept the inevitable problem of the death process. .....

Yet Another Note - 04 April 2013

We are born into a social world and situation. Throughout life we hardly notice that we are actually witnessing reality passing by through our window of perception. Why is it a neglected topic? It can hardly be a main topic if we only know so very little about it, and with confusing ideas at the frontiers it is difficult to see from the fog surrounding the peripheries. The frontiers of science are slow in developing with retrograde steps as well as forward thrusts. Presently we are still developing ideas originally conceived near a century ago, somewhat like in architecture the development from Baroque to Rococco styles.

How about, if there was a theory that explained it all without any questions remaining, but it was just a theory. How to verify it? Of course, see if it fits the observations at the 'ground level'. But what about this theor, how could it explain 'everything' ? To understand it requires some foresight and clearing the mind from present misconceptions. Descartes had the idea of clearing the mind some ceturies ago. Can it be done now?

This theory maintains that everything we see is intuitively correct and there are no hidden incomprehensible dimensions. That the spatial environment is a flat emptiness, physically three dimensionally structured with time as the fourth dimension which keeps it continually existing. Three dimensional Cartesian geometry would then perfectly represent it. It can then be concluded that it is infinite in extent in all directions. It appears as a spatial emptiness in which matter exists somewhat like the furniture in a room. The idea of an continuous infinitely extended emptiness can be seen as non reactive with either itself or anything else. Within the purity of emptiness everything that exists like matter and forces are confined to the parameters of the spatial environment.

What is the nature of these occupants inside the emptiness of space? Matter, energy and forces are the most obvious to start with. Clearly forces affect matter and vice versa. There is always matter involved with forces. Moreover, forces always emanate from matter itself, suggesting that forces are a function of matter. Energy results from this interaction and they might all be seen as interchangeable. Einstein certainly saw that though I take issue with including space as well.

The theory in question is fully comprehensive and can explain this relationship between matter and forces, matter and energy, but it requires an understanding within its framework, that of the structure of matter as explained in my theory. It begins with our current scientific findings which already knows the immediate structure of matter, like the elements, their molecules and the atoms that compose them. There is a process of enclosing much larger volumes of space than the space used by the components combined. The atoms themselves break down to the nucleus containing the protons, neutrons and the 'outer shell' electrons that create the enclosure through its interaction with the nucleus.Relatively large regions of space are enclosed into a kind of solidity. Not an absolute one though, as some things can still pass through.

What holds the atom together over time to display its constancy? It can only be a kind of cyclicality of the parts. In fact it is very rapid cyclicality involving the electrons and the nucleus. But the nucleus containing protons and neutrons are now thought to break down to even smaller parts. Again, to keep the nature of the parts constant and exising over time it would require a cyclical interaction. So many levels already discovered, but our progress is slow . Can the deconstruction to smaller parts end with some sort of fundamental 'God Particle' or does it continue downscale in a never ending deconstruction? This latter state would make sense with the idea that everything is infinite in the overall reality. ............................continuing when time and circumstances permit.

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To gain an insight into the theory see below PART 1 and PART 2 Reality Overview

And Another Note - 31 march 2013

I would think when new levels downscale are discovered, there will be a reappraisal of what could be possible. Upscale it would be more difficult. Basicaly my theory is like a foundation framework through which the physical reality can be conceived. Of course, the infinities involved can never be conclusively proven. For this reason there will always be an opposition maintainiing some sort of finite framework, but the lower we dig the more unlikely becomes the opposition view.

In fact there is a good argument that finite frameworks are impossible. An ultimate fundamental particle? Nothing is indivisible

The ultimate reality is infinite in all its modes. Within these infinities things closely occuring things can be related to discern the material events like our world of matter.


Another Note - 29 march 2013

I would like to think there was more to it than living and dying. Unfortunately I have a mind that requires adequate proof before I can accept a prposition. I know I came into being from nowhere I can think of before. It is all a blank before my first memories. I can see insects and animals and humans who come into being while other people, animals and insects die every day.

Death is a certainty, but is there something after. There are only two possible answers. Either there is or there isn't. The 'is' case requires belief with no definite proof of its existence. The nothing else case makes sense scientifically. All those trillions of insects and animals have no reason to continue in an afterlife. But humans can be self conscious and reflect on their environment. Very clever animals. Otherwise much the same, our thinking ability differentiates us. But if we believe we have evolved from the animal state, then there is nothing more to it.

There is a way out of this inevitable nothingness, this very decisive argument for it. If insects and animals could also live on in an afterlife, then there would be no reason why humans could not. But there is this knowledge gap one has to traverse and settle for belief without justification. By the standards of proof this is not aceptable as knowledge, but only belief.

True belief? False belief?


Just a Note - 26 march 2013

Our opportunities are restricted by our situation of birth. The lives of our parents actually determine where our pathways begin. In some countries there is nowhere to go past where you were born. But birth is a lottery. We come alive awaken into the world and have the launching pad through our parents lives. After many years we are finally ready to chance the real world and make choices about pathways. .

Some countries still today still have little to offer. There is nowhere to go for advancement. But fortunately in developed democratic societies many paths may be available. Some people like the least stressful passage through life by following the example of the general public behaviour . Others seek out their fortune by finding the lucrative paths sometimes not visible on the surface. They take risks and sometimes take the failures that may result from it.

Newer thoughts of 27th Feb 2013 revived 20th March 2013 continued 23rd March 2013

To bring it back to the realities of our world, the social reality of human society is another dimension of accelerating growth. It is the social reality that confronts us every day. We need to make choices based on a kind of multi choice or in some cases create unique solutions. My understanding of the social reality is in large part gained through studies in history. As well as that, having lived through a period in real time imparts a sense daily life in the real world.

New thoughts of 27th Feb 2013 revived 20th March 2013

We are living thinking beings born into reality. What reality? The reality that surrounds us. The world of space and matter. Our brain is a function of the body, originally full of instincts and reactions. As humans we developed a mental ability to became conscious of ourselves. That certainly separates us from animals. The rest is the development to this day. We overtook the rate of evolution. In a sense it is a paradigm shift as with the beginning of life forms which enormously speeded up the rate at which things evolve. From plant life to animal life is another paradigm shift, and we top the list, at least for the present, by having shifted it again in acceleration.

With the advent of computers the use of artificial intelligence has thrust us forward again in accellerating development. Is there another step yet to come? Or even more paradigm shifts with the advance of ourknowledge. It is not my interest to speculate on this. Perhaps artificial intelligence may one day shift it forward. But on a more positive note, I think yes, there is a step that will change everything. The step that will one day may become clearer: to understand the reality we are embedded in.

Sure, most of our concerns nowadays relate to the social reality and discussion about the ultimate nature of ourselves and the matter environment is of little consequence. This I admit. It is nowadays enthusiast and specialist that venture into these regions. Unfortunately I am one of them. The history of how I came into this frontier science can be found on the home page. I dont think I am great in any way like the great Einstein or Newton. The way I see it I stumbled upon a solution that nobody saw quite this way before. I can only take credit for being a thinking adventurer to have come upon the revelations. I used the evidence and logic to develop my own intuitive view. I thought the possibility that it would not succeed. I was most surprised by the results.

All of a sudden everything began to make sense. The world of matter seemed no longer a mystery. In fact as I explored it with reasoning and logic my confidence grew to believe that one day it will be the main theory. In optimistic moments I can wonder how could possibly be otherwise? It creates the maximum possibilities. Surely, reality canot be minimised or limited in any way. The limit itself throws up another series of questions which end up regressing to new levels over and over again. One would think reality is unlimited in any/every way. That is why mathematically everything ends up infinite. The spatial environment is infinite. The spread of material throughout it is infinite. There are infinite distances. Infinite magnitudes and infinite minisculeness. Then there is a limited infinity where a certain value is reached from which onward the relationship does not change relatively to a point of view. This is a sizeable topic I should expand on sometime. The first idea would be that a wider expanded scope of a region gives a more evenly spaced matter. Imagine yourself a giant continually growing larger looking over a wider scope of the universal space. At first the matter seems relatively unevenly distributed, but as the scope gets wider and expands there will appear an averaging effect with distribution much more even.

With the next step up it would now seem perfectly evenly distributed after which the limit sets in that any larger scale view will only modify the distribution by an insignificant amount to be noticed therefore all values further up the scale to infinity is to be treated the same as the point of limit. There are other examples but at this stage no time to go further

...................................I hope to be continuing this essay in the next few days, but I am very limited on time. (this kind of thinking time) I need also to re-read some of the previous articles and correct some errors. Since I write a lot in a single sitting having no time to re-read or reconsider, but rather to spend the time to expand on the ideas, as a consequence errors are bound to occur. One thing is clear though in every way. I am confident the main theory stands very strongly among other offerings.


Newer thoughts --- 8th Mar 2013

I'm sorry to say the news is not so good. But there are improving expectations to offset the inevitable. Longer lifespan is just around the corner. Pehaps the next generation or the one after that. But in my lifetime a short extension is still a bonus. There is a long time coming in the nothingness and those few extra years of health can be greatly beneficial to the soul.

Now I have brought up a difficult topic. What I mean by the soul? In a reality based on my theory can a word like this have meaning? I realise I need to define the term to my specific use. Well, it's nothing supernatural. The soul of a person is the inner being, the one hidden behind the layers of protection that is needed to function successfully in a society. The sub-conscious perhaps but cetrainly not a level below that, if there is such a thing. The soul is simply the inner personality, which could be totally hidden or partially revealed, even to the self if not others. The inner being is usually overlaid and/or modified by ideas that control social behaviour. Sometimes disquise is necessary to bring it into line with social expectations. It could be a craving to committt a serious crime, or just some innocent behaviour that may be frowned on if openly touted.

This one human factor should be enough to justify a society of non-interference.

New thoughts --- 27th Feb 2013

We are living thinking beings born into reality and able to observe it. What reality? Material reality of course. But there are differing viewpoints on this. One is the intuitive experiential approach. What does it look like? Firstly there is an infinitely extended three dimensional space-time. That is not hard to imagine. A 3D Cartesian geometry woulfd perfectly overlay it. But what is inside this empty looking space? That is much more intriguing. Matter and its processes reside inside space. There is a large quantity of interaction between different forms of matter. .

What Einstein Said E=Mc2 --- 15th Feb 2013

According to the structuring process the mass of an object is a result of the mass of the components added vthe speed of whirling around about within the object. For each second for instance there could be thousands of cycles and the relation of the space swept out during these cycles represents an energy rating. When all the movements of the components are added there is the energy of the object. c2 is necessary to describe the cyclical relationship of the objects combined. Mass is a very small amount contributing to energy when compared with c2 combined velocity.

The tragedy of life --- 15th Feb 2013

I hate to bring bad tidings but the theory demands it. Forever dead means just that. that specific life is extinguished forever, shrinking back into, from whence it came. Sadly we as humans all await this fate. Perhaps this is the most important human pursuit. We already have enough to go on to know that human life could be extended considerably.

Serveral ways to access the theory - 14 Feb 2013

I was thinking about my specific journey to discover the theory of matter. But now I realise there can be other approaches.

1. The first I could think of is the idea questioning the ultimate nature of matter. As it stands there are several levels of deconstruction already understood to exit. We well know about molecules that are composed of atoms, and atoms are a result of the rapid interaction between the atomic nucleus and the electrons at a distance. The nucleus itself is composed of protons and neutrons. Neutrons are protons with an electron squeezed close to it. They are in strong nuclear interaction which applies at very close quarters. The shell electrons on the other hand are partaking in the weak inteaction applying to longer distances. The protons are sai to break down further into strangely behaving objects we call quarks.

The main finding so far is that several scale levels of deconstruction are already known to exist. That leaves two possible outcomes. One is that at one stage deconstruction ceases and a fundamental part exists at the base. The other that deconstuction continues in infinite steps downscale. That woul solve the problems with ultimate matter. There need not be an ultimate part, but rather an ultimate process.


On larger scales there is also a structural sequence evident in the way matter behaves on large scales. From planetary to solar systems, to their galaxies and clusters. Is this a completely separate consideration or are these in some way connected? The connection is the final step. They appear vastly different kinds of systems from micromatter structuring. Then can become clearer that we may be looking at them from different perspectives. The micro matter interaction involves spatial enclosure, but there is no hint of it on the large scale. Our perceptive mechanisms as our manufactured instruments are made from the atom based micro matter. It is giving us information based on the ability of our perceptive mechanisms the speed of functioning of the instruments we manufacture. ..................

2. Another method of entry to the theory may be with the philosophical anomalies created by the relationship between Relativity and the Quatum theories. Philosophically a serious question remains as to why the two theories cannot be united. Quantum explains the behaviour and workings of matter on the micro scale but fails to explain the behavoiur of their large scale conglomerations. Obviously these is something missing. On the other hand Relativity explains well enough the large scale behaviour of matter but cannot be broken down to explain the micro scale. There is obviously something missing. ......................This creates a need to question why this is the case..

3. Can be based on the journey I undertook, from Descates, Locke and others to the gateway to science and the entry into its issues at the 'top end' from the most general concept and gradually narrowing toward specific solutions.


I withdraw my comments on empathy in tht 'Empathy' factor of 08 November 2012. --- but at this stage I am not denying it. When I have time to re-examine it I intend to revive it with a better understanding----------14-feb-2013




A brief note on the current economic situation- as I see it on 22 September 2012

Both Europe and the US are creating money. The US dollar and the Euro are both being inflated. More money for the same amount of goods. Given enough of it is created it is bound to increase economic activity. But at that stage it could face a very severe inflationary period. Inflation is presently suppressed by a reduced and still reducing economic activity. The velocity of money has slowed considerably, but on an upturn o activity with the velocity increasing, inflation will come to the fore. Going along this course there is no way to avoid the inflationary outcome whenever normal activity is restored. And it will surely be if money is kept being created. On the other hand, it is probably the only way out without a major recession or even depression.

As longas it is realised what the next stage will be and return to normal activity needs to be managed very carefully. The main mechanism is the rate of money creation. Perhaps there should be a formula with regular reduction of the money created until finally it is stopped or even reversed. There needs to be some flexibility as well to roll with developing conditions. At the point where enough activity is just about to be generated to set off an inflationary trend a larger reduction of new money input may be required than the formula suggests. Hopefully just enough to slow the growth without stopping it. It requires some foresight though as the most effective methods need decision before the symptoms become evident. Good monthly statistical guides on business conditions could be useful to accurately project ahead.


A note on pollution of the planet- 22 September 2012

The pollution of the world is clearly out of control at present. There should be little argument about that. The atmosphere, the land and sea environment have all been the dumping ground of waste products for a long time now. Land pollution can cause great damage in local areas, but there is now general damage affecting the whole planet. The atmosphere is shared by all. The oceans are capable of cleansing the atmosphere but compromised by its own pollution it has a greatly reduced capacity. Deforestation has reduced another atmosphere cleansing agent. It involves great complications and fraught with difficulties with national boundaries to contend with, customs, laws, regulsations, politics etc.... Some small inroads have been made but so far not very adequate. For this reason reforestation with the preservation of existing forests cannot be relied to be a policy that can be successfully implemented.

The oceans remain the one big common ground that could be internationally worked on, if it were possibe to bring on a consensus. Large infrastructures could be utilised to reduce damage both physical and regulatory. There would no doubt still be difficulties with local and regional interests but not so complicated as a land based solution would be.

Directly cleansing the atmosphere would be another difficult exercise involving many nations, many jurisdictions just like the forestation project but even more wide spread. One obvious way is to capture carbon at the source of emission. On today's values the expense may be too high without some govenrment contribution. And then arises the question whether government finances can bear the extra expense and can an international body exist to give support? With the GFC recently behind us perhaps not so attractive in the present economic environment, but when growth is on the way back sometime in the future, the funding may be available to implement suitable large scale projects to cleanse the environment. .

Unfortunately the problem of inequality arises in a world of great financial differences. Even if first world nations could act many third world and developing nations wouldn't have the resources to do much if anything. I these cases internationl support may be needed to fund these reforms. That could add an extra financial burden on developed communities already burdened with their own clean-up operation. And in some cases aid would need to target specific projects in order to avoid funds being redirected or misused. For instance, it could be in the form of a grant with certain conditions. It would need to be in addition to the usual aid allowance given to keep relations constant. If a nation did not feel confident in keeping with the attached conditions they can opt out by simply not applying for it. There may of course be other solutions, this is just to show its possibility.

Land pollution and waterway pollution whether pre-existing or ongoing would be the responsibility of local regions to sort out. When a waterway reaches the sea it becomes of international concern, and of course general sea and air pollution should be of concern to all. It could be tackled internationally on a larger scale than otherwise. The cleaning up of ocean pollution could be attempted through large scale physical infrastructures. A cleaner ocean will absorb more carbon from the atmosphere so everyone would benefit. The pollution of the air needs a completely different solution. It needs local legislative control and efficient enforcement regimes to go with it. Its emission polluting agents, the factories, the cars, the aircraft and more need to have carbon capture applications enabled at the emission source. If private sector finances cannot bear the expense, an international funding scheme could be activated to bridge the gap. In some cases even local govenrments could take a stand and provide added incentive.

All this may be far too optimistic, but then, what else is there to give it direction .


Note on the changes of past and present - 22 September 2012

Just thinking about the great changes happening in the world through technology and reflect back on how it all developed through the recent centuries. It can lead back as far as the development of money transfer methods during the Renaissance and the seeds laid for modern banking. And of course the formulating of scientific method and systematic analysis during the 16th and 17th centuries. But the most relevant distant relation comes with the financial revolution of the latter half of the 18th century which made possible the share limited corporate formation, allowing investment in shares with limited liability. This made possible the raising of money on large scales for larger scale projects.

Then came the industrial revolution with innovation and change lasting throughout the entire 19th century, with the railway industry taking an early leading role. The water based networks were always there but the new perspective through the railway networks opened the entire inland world for trade. During the early 20th century with the the industrial revolution still in progress came the development of consumer societies increasing dramatically the scale of possibilities and economic growth. Then the second half of the twentieth century placed another dimension over the entire thing with the development of the computer age bringing about exponentially more efficient ways of running government, business and industry . But the computer age created another dimension still to be added. The internet.

Based on computer technology, the internet and the world wide web makes it possible to communicate, retrieve information, retrieve and install programs and genrally interact world wide in real time. This brings about a further substantial increase in efficiency of how we do things. This revolution is in progress and has a long way to go yet before it is no longer considered in revolutionary phase.

Note on the Precession of Mercury's orbit - 07 September 2012

The precession of Mercury's orbit is one of the examples used for discrediting the intuitive framework in interpreting the world of matter. But I wonder if there is a real need to explain Mercury's precession through Einstein’s Relativity. For instance, if the movement of Sun in its orbit of the galaxy is taken into consideration, the precession of Mercury may be seen as a response to the change of position of the Sun during Mercury's outward journey from the Sun during each orbit. During this time the Sun shifts position of about three quarter billion km from the point where Mercury's outward journey started. All the planets would be affected but the eccentricity of Mercury's orbit would be responsible for the more extreme precession observed. Obviously it would need an expert mathematician to give proof or disproof to this idea, and I'm hoping one of my readers will respond to this.

Notes on Einstein's Theory of Relativity - 26 March 2012......updated 2nd June 2012, 18th August 2012 (improved explanations but no new articles added)

The face to the mask, the hand to the glove. Lots of common features in a kind of inverse equivalence, but clearly totally different objects. It is giving the right readings at the seam where common features exist but the logical implications are completely different. The presently accepted interpretation leads to visions of reality which are conceptually unimaginable. Here conventional logic based on intuitively interpreting observation breaks down. It is an abstract world full of mysteries unchallengable except from a very narrow range of specialists.

For over a century now the interpretations of evidence based on conventional logic have failed. During this time research has discovered the existence of levels of matter reduction to smaller parts. Delving further into the behaviour of micro matter puts distance from the common area of equivalence and the focus of Einstein's view loses resolution. As a result a range of speculative models are proposed to patch the apparent gap. Of course, it will never happen, as it cannot. Somehow Einstein was able to derive the common ratios in the inverse and then the projections followed as a logical derivation from it. These are the projections that are currently in use containing unimaginable states of all kinds and extra dimensions leading to curvature and warping of spatial emptiness, expansion of spatial emptiness, and many more inconceivable situations,,,With these ideas now accepted as the consensus the intuitive model was and stays discredited, arguably unable to explain a range of well observed phenomena. In any event Einstein's model offered relief and gained credibility with a number of startling successes, though leaving a number of vital issues unresolved. These are explained as yet undiscovered within that framework and therefore dismissed. Throughout the years there have been a number of attempts to take it further into the 'as yet unexplained' region. They remain only attempts.

Given the undersanding of the Theory of Space Time and Matter (for a summary see Part 1 and Part 2 below) the problem with the intuitive view has been its incomplete foundations. It simply didn't have any. It was floating with unknown foundations giving rise to the possibility of contradictory projections. The idea of three dimensional space is not new. While the space-time infinite spatal environment could easily be derived at any time, there was nothing anchoring the existence of matter. With the infinite structuring process added (see part 1 & 2 below), the essential nature of matter revealed, the intuitive framework opens to a whole new range of logical projections which can explain hitherto unexplainable phenomena.

Where are the divergences between these two views? For instance Einstein's projection implies matter to be interchangeable with all other aspects of the physical existents including space itself, but if space (space-time) is indeed a field of pure emptiness then matter does not nor can it interact with it. These remaining elements like matter, forces, energy etc....are indeed interchangeable though not with space and are demonstrated in its full scope within the meaning of the Theory of Space Time and Matter (for a summary see Part 1 and Part 2 below). This is a main difference. In my view space-time is the host environment to the remaining elements. It is itself already a dual dimension, one side being an already three dimensional physical structure, the other its continued existence. The infinite emptiness is host to an infinite numbers of the remaining elements. But all the remaining elements are a single process containing many aspects. Matter as substance is one, then forces, energy, mass, momentum etc..all just aspects of the same process.

Here is a list of some of interpretations I hope to discuss in detail in the future:

  • No Big Bang. The universe is infinitely extended theredfore cannot expand
  • No Dopper Effect over distance, only Doppler-like effect due to great numbers of gravitational interactions by percentile red-shift of emr over long distances.
  • The universe has always been here and always will be. This is the reality. It is what there is.
  • Passage of time progresses one way only forward. It canot proceed in the reverse direction.
  • The ultimate concept of time becomes evident when matter is excluded from consideration. In an infinite emptiness time is a never ending present moment.
  • If we add matter, its causal interaction sets up a way of defining passage of time.
  • A micro-matter infrastucture must support our matter environment. Light and emr phenomena in general is likely direct a function of the infrastructure itself as a wave.
  • Something facilitates that energy to pass through over distance. It can be through its own internal interaction of passing the baton or it provides the clear passage of particles over distance. The fact that it can cross across other beams travelling in different directions without interference suggests an internal pass the ball type interaction.
  • Energy can be transmitted in all different directions if the incidences of contact do not coincice. A ball can bounce in one direction then return to still before another wave bounces it in another direction. It would then be possible to transmit a maximum number of energy waves in all different directions all at the same time by our way of seeing it.
  • Dark matter and dark energy are related to a range of micromatter layers present in the spatial environment.
  • Different scale/time consideration sets upan understandings of the process of structuring.
  • ............................................continuing this list ............................

Reality overview Part 1 - 16 March 2012

Matter and it's processes are embedded in a space-time environment which is a vast emptiness extended infinitely in every direction and existing continously in a never ending present. Inside the 'host' spatial environment exists matter and its processes, not unlike furniture in a room. Even though the infinite emptiness exists, the space is never actually empty, since matter and its processes are widely dispersed throughout the entire infinite spatial region. Matter inside space creates causal sequences and this adds another perspective to time. As matter configurations move through the neverending present it creates the concept of time passage. The other aspects of matter like forces, for instance, are always associated with matter. This clearly indicates that forces are processes of matter itself.

Matter is a complex process going on within the spatial environment. It is a kind of infinite construction process. One way of looking at it is to understand that each particle of matter breaks down to the dynamic function of smaller parts, This applies to the smaller parts which themselves break down to even smaller ones. The reduction continues on in an infinity of steps. This means that ultimately matter has no ultimate roots, though there is always an infinity of reduction to make it real.

Not only is there reduction of matter to the micro scales. It builds past our recognised matter configurations extending upscale far beyond our ablity to discern into the world of astronomy and the infinite universe at large. It is a single system originating in the infinity of small scales which builds upscale and passes us by into the mega scales to infinity. (though not all structures continue upscale. Many terminate on the way up) Our recognisable world of matter occurs somewhere along this infinite chain of structuring. Since there is an infinity of steps, both upscale and downscale there could occur other suitable environments with matter style behaviour where the evolution of events could generate biological like evolution of life and even intelligence.

Another matter style environment upscale or downscale would seem to behave differently to ours. Upscale worlds of huge dimensions would evolve very slowly by our way of looking at it and downscale worlds of micro dimensions would evolve very rapidly. Cyclicality forms the dynamics of the entire system. This is not necessarily expressed in movement, but to understand it clearly, taking movement as a guide, downscale as cyclical paths get much shorter, the speed of the objects on the cyclical paths do not decrease by the same ratio if at all. This results in a much more rapid cyclical frequency at each downscale reduction. Upscale environments evolve slowly by our view with cyclical frequency extremely low, but the infinity of time and scale allows for large structures emulate similar results to our world. As size of structures increase and cyclical paths get longer with the maximum speed at which it can be traversed set to 'c' there is a guarantee of lower cyclical frequencies. ( to continue see part 2 above)

Reality overview Part 2 - 21 March 2012 .

Keep in mind the two main factors to make the matter structuring process work:

1. ---Scale level – the size at which structures occur going up and downscale in infinite steps. Downscale structures are much smaller and seem solid and highly integrated. Upscale structures function with very slow dynamics and on very large scales, but since time is infinite as is space, these large structures could make good the conditions for a very large scale mega world based on similar principles to ours.

2. ---Cyclical dynamics – the energy and movement that creates larger structures out of smaller parts. The cyclical aspect gives long term stability to structures. Space is enclosed (as in the atomic structure) by a very rapid cyclical pulse. If our atomic pulsation were to be, say, one million cycles per second (not a correct number just to demonstrate in an easyly understood principle) while the large scale galaxy cyclical pulsation can be in the hundreds of millions of years for a single cycle to be completed. In the case of our solar system it is around 200 million years for a single galactic orbit. There can be these kinds of differences between scale levels with huge differences in cyclical frequencies. Itb is not difficult to derive smaller scales of materiality by increasing the speed of evolution and decresing the scale. It is more difficult upscale with slowly cycling objects. The scale needs increasing considerably and the time factor adjusted integrating eons of our time into mere moments in a mega world.

To appreciate a larger scale world one has to understand it would have to be viewed in a different time perspective. Imagine a world made of huge matter, some thousands of levels upscale. The mega structures that form the basis of that world (as our atoms) have very slow dynamics by our way of seeing it. But the world creates objects and a matter style evolution in which perceiving creatures like us could evolve. Since these huge creatures would be made of these slowly evolving mega structures, their perceiving mechanisms would function relative to that rate ad the creatures would perceive their world quite differently from the way we would be able to see it. In their view billions/trillions of our years would form one moment of their view. Their clocks made of the mega matter would function much slower than ours but would reflect the timing at which things made sense in that world.

By the way, there is no need for anything to go faster than the speed of light. With downscale smaller structures the cyclical paths shorten considerably, but the speed is close to the speed of light, with no relative change. The speed does not change as we consider further downscale, but the cyclical paths get considerably shorter. This guarantees much higher frequencies with every downscale step..

With the upscale larger structures, the length of cyclical paths are considerably longer but the speed traversing it is not increased, so each cycle takes longer and the increasing length of paths  guarantee a slower frequency with every upscale level.    

Note for 25 February 2012

The World's financial system is destabilised. Up to now expansion always took care of deficits. After the GFC it was no longer possible to grow economies as before and deficits began to catch up with the big spenders. The US dollar would fall much more if there was another currency to to depend on for world trade, and the Euro can no longer be a contender.

The original GFC is still rolling out. I has been years but it takes this long for some consequences to catch up. The first reaction was to use Keynesian methods to bolster the collapsing private sector. It had moderate success but in world terms that was not enough and money, or at least future money had to be created. With decreasing production, or at least not increasing significantly, and at the same time an increasing money supply, one would think it would lead to inflation.

The reason for inflation being averted, for now at least, has to do with the speed of the business cycle which has slowed down considerably. People take longer to make purchase decisions and retailers and manufacturers also hesitate in the ucertain climate. This creates a counter pressure to inflation. The inflationary pressure builds with the increase of money supply competing for the same amount of goods and at the same time deflationary pressure offsets it as the business cycle slows having an effect of reducing the competition for goods.

This is where we are hovering now. It may get worse, but the eventual recovery of the cycle speed and expansion of production may bring the inflationary pressure to the fore. In summary, the the huge increase in the money supply to overcome the GFC and subsequently the further increase to overcome deficit problems ongoing at present leaves a very powerful inflationary pressure which is held at bay with the slowing of the business cycle. However, when in the future the business cycle is in recovery with the speed of the money cycle increasing the inflationary pressure may be unleashed with nothing much to hold it back.

There is a way to overcome at least the worst of it. An increase in productivity and an increase in production of goods and services will have the effect to decreasing the relative tension between goods/services and the money supply. Just how much the production and productivity can be accelerated at the early recovery period cannot be answered at present. Certainly the internet and technological revolution will greatly increase productivity, so it all comes down to production itself. Increased productivity with increasing demand will accelerate the production of goods/services. Increased productivity will ensure higher salaries at the same time reduced production costs per unit.

Of course it is much more complex but these are there, huge pressures under the surface.



Note for 02 March 2011

This is a possible suggestion to refute the Big Bang Theory.

I have made notes on equivalent relations elsewhere. One example of equivalence is the way a mask relates to the face or the statue to its cast. There are equivalences in science as in the well known relationship between gravitation and acceleration. The Doppler effect is based on acceleration and the seeming Doppler effect on the red-shifting of light suggests an expanding universe.

There is also a red-shift proven to be associated with gravitation but it has never been connected to a Doppler like effect. I propose that the Doppler like effect observed to suggest an expanding universe is in fact not a Doppler effect caused by acceleration but an equivalent relation based on gravitational effects.

How to prove it?

If in a case of a double lensing of light a Doppler like effect is observed, the Big Bang Doppler effect would be seriously undermined. To prove this we need to find a light source that passes close to a strong gravitational stellar object and lensing occurs, then the redshift is measured. Then subsequently the same light passing close to a second strong gravitational object and a second phase lensing occurs. If we could then observe the total redshift from the source (after the second lensing) and compared the two measurements, then found it to resemble a Doppler effect the Big Bang Theory would be compromised in its most important foundation concept. The core issue here is whether we can measure the first lensing effect independently of the second and then the second as an accumulated lensing redshift resulting from both influences.

I previously maintained that the Doppler like effect is a result of a multiplicity of gravitational influences affecting light on its long journey through space.


Note for 12-February-2011

The spatial environment of four dimensional space-time in absolute, sigular and perfect. So are the principles of 'vertical' structuring process of matter creation, but the objects created on the 'horizontal' causal are each individual with no exact likeness except relatively to a scale of consideration. For instance, no two trees are alike, nor are two manufactured 'identical' items in the absolute sense, but only to a point. Nor are there perfect orbits, as the Earths or other planets' orbits around the Sun, but only to a point. If examined on smaller and smaller scales, imperfections and differences will be found. ...............The idea of perfect forms therefore is just an idea with no correlation to actual objects...................................................to be continued when I have more time .......................



Note for 22-November-2010 --- The Question of God's Existence

The theme of these notes is usually based on issues relating to the theory of the structure of reality, but today I will touch upon a more philosophical or rather theological subject. My theory explains the material reality in a comprehensive manner, with no need for reference to any outside sources. For this reason the existence of God comes into question. I began to think on this a couple of weeks ago and now I am ready to ask the reader to consider the following.

Given that there may be a God, there is a lot of injustice in the world. I am not referring to the injustices humans may inflict upon one another, but the natural disasters that occur through the operations of nature which maim, injure and eliminate lives without consideration of the victim's guilt or innocence. One may speculate that there could be some guilt for which punishment is meted, but then, how about newborn babies with deformations or disabilities which affects them for the rest of their lives? Can a newborn be guilty of anything to be punished for? Then why does God who is supposed to be all powerful allow this to happen? Even if these were a results of causal events in the physical world, surely God could have prevented it.

There may be a number of answers offered to this question. One is that God works in mysterious ways for a ‘greater good’. In our own civilized environment of today, though far inferior from godly ideals, we cannot abide maiming someone for any kind of  ‘greater good’. The Nazis did it supposedly for some greater good of 'their' civilisation, but we now know what they were about. Can God then be justified for allowing natural events with awful and unjust outcomes? Would that mean there is no merciful totally fair and just God in the meaning of at least the Christian sense? The Old Testament itself is full of actions that may not be sanctioned by 21st century values, and the New Testament certainly contradicts some of them. Of course, historically thinking, to the standards of the day when the Old Testament was written it may have seemed to  be justifiable for God to mete out, or allow this kind of punishment, ‘for the greater good’ or whatever else, but in terms of today’s somewhat more civilized and morally critical standards it is clearly outside our parameters. Unfortunately the New Testament has no answers for natural injustices either. Then where does that leave the God reality formula? 

There is another escape clause though by claiming that God created the world initially but does not or cannot interfere with its causal outcome.  If that were the case, did God create such an imperfect world where injustices can be so commonly found? Is God capable of mistakes, and would God not be blameworthy for refusing to interfere? In our society if one can  save a person without endangering one's own safety or any part of one's well being, is it not some sort of moral and perhaps even legal obligation to try? On the other hand, if God can but does not interfere, then is there not some moral failure involved? If on the other hand, God cannot interfere, then is that still a definition of an all powerful God?

I guess I have not covered the whole spectrum of this argument. I do hope someone can elighten me about other possibilities or to correct me on the existing arguments through the contact page . Though it seems there is no need for a creator to explain the reality in terms of my theory, I would like to think there may be a way to include a God in the equation.


Observations - 27-September-2010

We don't very much care about reality during our lifetime. It may pop into consciousness near a death situation, or very occasionally in a philosophical discussion. Nowadays it is all left to a handful of specialist scholars to debate about. We see a lot of 'trees' but can anyone see the 'forest as a whole'?

I have in mind an even simpler explanation of the theory of space and matter for those who don't have the training or experience in certain fields to be able to receive the conceptual ideas contained in the main introductory essay, which requires a person with at least a rudimentary knowledge of particle physics and astronomy, knowledge few could attain to, and out of those who can it is difficult to overcome the current modes of thinking about theoretical physics before the concept takes a solid hold.

(added 29-09-2010)

  1. All matter breaks down to the fuction of smaller more dynamic parts
  2. Each part is itself composed of even smaller and much more more dynamic parts
  3. The dynamics is a cyclical movement. More/higher dynamics means more rapid frequencies of the cycles. This comes about through reduced legth of cyclical paths without a relative reduction in speed at which they are traversed
  4. The system of breaking down to smaller parts continues to the infinity of micro scales with never an end to it through an infinite number of reductions.
  5. The atom reduces to the function of its nucleus - itself a group of interacting parts - and the electrons pulsating cyclically around it.
  6. In a similar manner, each of the smaler particles break down to even smaller ones in which the cyclical parts are shorter, without a significant reduction of speed at which they are traversed, leading to more rapid pulsation at much increased frequencies.
  7. Matter can therefore have no final or fundamental basis, but instead comprises of a neverending chain of reduction to smaller and smaller parts.
  8. Not only does matter break down infinitely to the micro scales, but it continues to build onward past the atom into the macro scales of astronomy.
  9. Atoms are massed together through gravitation and chemistry to form massive stellar structures like planets and stars. These huge objects interact to form solar systems, which in turn group into the much larger galactic formations, and so on upscale into larger and larger formations
  10. But there is a great difference between the way we see upscale and downscale phenomena. The micro world is, relative to us, highly dynamic, with micro parts containing very rapid pulsations. Sizable exclusion zones are created with much larger areas/volumes enclused than the total volumes the parts themselves occupy. This creates what we know as solidity. But it is only relative not an absolute solidity. The entire field of micro matter is highly integrated by our way of discerning it. Some of our instruments can now see them in less integrated form.
  11. On the macro scales of astronomy, on the other hand, we observe great distances and relatively much much slower cyclical pulsations. Not only much slower, but much much slower. A single cycle of Earth around the Sun takes one year. Compare that to the time it takes for a single electron cycle around the atomic nucleus.
  12. The macro world seems to our way of seeing it relatively static and hollow, with no evidence of exclusion zones or any form of matter creation. Of course, the reason is the very slow ccyclical rate, or in fact very low frequency of cycles. Let's not just look at it our way. With infinite time, and no limit to size in space, these large structures could make good spatial exclusions on a much much larger scale and would need to be discerned at gigantic and slower rates.
  13. With an infinity of scale levels, both up and down the infinite scale spectrum at which structures exist in the reduction chain, each level/layer would result in completely digferent type of structures, and interaction between them defined by the local forces prevailing. Among these infinity of scale levels ad structure types, it is possible that other matter style environments can occur. If interaction and stability allowed a more complex set of structures which interacted to form a consistent and stable chemical style environment, other matter type worlds on different scale levels may indeeed exist. Given an infinity of possibilities, it is more than likely and in fact highly likely if not certain.
  14. On the micro end any matter type environment would evolve very very rapidly and at very small scales, while on the macro side objects would be gigantic and very slowly evolving, in comparison to our way of seeing/discerning, that is.
  15. Within a system of matter it may be posible that life forms, self reproducing structures, and eventually perceptive mechanisms can evolve. The mega material in a macro world from which these evolved creatures were made would allow discernment of the environment in relative terms not much different from our perception of our matter environment. In a world created by micro matter it would also be relative with extremely rapid perceptive mechanisms discerning a very rapidly evolving environment. Their discernment would also be not unlike ours of our world, as the matter they were composed of was highly dynamic also.
  16. ......................continuing..............


Notes for today 27-09-2010

The physical universe extends infinitely outward in all directions. It is an infinite emptiness, three dimensionally structured and existing in time. Time is a fourth dimension upon which the three dimensions depend for existence. Things can only exist in time. Without time there is no existence.

Time then seems somehow primary. But there is another way of looking at it. Can time be seen to exist without content? In fact, can time be thought to exist without the spatial environment? The question comes down to whether there can be anything else other than the spatial environment to support the existence of time? We know of the spatial environment, it is here, we are embedded in it. We experience it ourselves. But we know of nothing else on such a firm footing. Nor on much looser definition of knowledge. There is only belief at best in some other reality without any scientific or systematic rationale behind it.

We know that both time and space exists in the here and now. That is what we know. We can extend this knowledge by logical conclusions, like, if space is three dimensionally structured, it follows by logic, mathematics and geometry that it must continue to extend forever to infinity. There can be no end to it and three dimensional Cartesian geometry can clearly demonstrate it.

All this infinity of emptiness exist in time. Time is absolutely continuous. Whatever the minuteness of the interval, whether incredibly miniscule in trillionths of nanoseconds, there is continuity just the same. Each interval contains a set of sub intervals, and each of those an even more miniscule set of sub sub-intervals, and so on down the scale in a never-ending reduction toward infinity. At each level downscale the continuity is the same.

The fabric of space, that is, the emptiness is also continuous, since it exists at all intervals downscale, whatever minisculity we care to choose. So it is continuously existing along with time. Over distance it works the same way. If there are no discontinuities between tiny intervals of distance at any level of reduction, then there can be no discontinuities over the longer distances, since the small increments of distance make up the larger expanse.

Now we have arrived at a good enough definition of the spatial environment to examine its contents. Inside space there is matter. As we know it matter in made from small particles, which themselves are made by even smaller ones. There is a limit to our knowledge, as there may have to be if the reduction to smaller parts was based on another infinity, the infinite reduction chain of smaller and smaller particles to infinity. But there is more to it than reduction. There is a relativity in dynamics as well. There are also forces which cause matter to interact. But forces are always associated with matter and emanate from it, so forces are likely a function of matter itself.

The substance of matter is a product of atoms. These tiny pieces of matter amassed on large scales also exude a force called gravitation. But gravitation extends to what appears empty space. Light travels unseen through space until an obstacle makes it give up or divert its energy. The gravitational influence cannot just be a cobweb like structure reaching out from its source. Light, especially, cannot be supported by its source. It is energy emitted without roots to the source. It stands to reason that there may be some invisible matter cover through which both must travel through. I call this the micro infrastructure.

There is a great consistency in the physics surrounding these phenomena, gravitation and light. There is an exact formula for gravitation in space as there is for the passage of light through it. Light has been a scientific subject for debate for many centuries. The latest findings cannot exactly define its dualistic character as both made of particles and waves. Strangely, to me it seems to be no obstacle. How do we first get to know about waves? Waves in water is probably the simplest observation. Particles closely grouped move together as they push each other in chain reaction. What is peculiar about waves is at the end the particles have not lost their relative position. When the wave subsides, so do the group of particles that partook in transmitting its energy and their position relatively unchanged. In this way it is also possible to explain how light can cross the same region from different directions without affecting each other.

Here is the clue to the micro infrastructure, and the particle waves created by particles nudging each other at intervals. Electric currents are not waves, as particles nudge and displace thereby causing chain reactions of displacements. On the other hand when electro-magnetic energy leaves a source it causes an infrastructural particle wave. If we observe water waves, as the wave-front recedes the waves flatten and lengthen. This may well be the effect mistakenly called a 'Doppler' effect of acceleration, which is the foundation of Big Bang theories. The red-shift with distance is an obvious classical wave effect. Obviously the infrastructure os not loose like water, so there are differences. It must be a very tight much less elastic configuration to cause 'wave flattening' red-shifting only after such long distances.

Since I maintain the universe is 'flat 3D-Time' extending forever and occupied by matter throughout, there can be no big bang and the creation of space between objects. If there was such an event it should be measurable. According to the concept behind the big bang every stellar object is distancing from every other. That includes our nearby stars. When will we have the technology to check whether they are receding, even if by a meter or even a centimeter? If we had a telescope on the moon, with its orbit of earth we could certainly triangulate much further. Eventually in the not too distant future there will be a way of showing there is no recession of the nearby objects, and the 'big bang' would go out with the big noise it came in with.

I am no mathematician. The highest level I mastered was the basic calculus. Though it taught me a lot, I cannot formulate the complex equations needed to demonstrate some truths. Without the high ground assistance I would require to give the theory deeper roots, it looks like I have to leave that for the experts to develop later. In the meantime I have to appeal to the reader's good sense and logic.


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